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United States Masterfile Product Updates

Paratext is happy to announce another recent addition to United States Masterfile: the NASA Index to Photograph Files, 1958-1991. This resource joins the NASA Scientific and Technical Information Repository and the NASA Planetary Data System Digital Products archive in United States Masterfile, giving researchers access to a wider variety of NASA-derived resources than ever before. Providing searchable descriptions of nearly 65 thousand images produced by NASA from the late 1950s to the early 1990s, NASA Index... Read All
Paratext is happy to announce another recent addition to United States Masterfile: the NASA Scientific and Technical Information Repository. A resource containing over 500 thousand records and counting, NASA’s Scientific and Technical Information Repository contains documents from as far back as the days of NACA to as recently as 2022. The NASA STI repository contains open source reports, technical documents, metadata, videos, sound recordings, and images relating to the past and current work of the... Read All
Over the last few months, we at Paratext have been busily adding new data to our products to make them even more useful to your researchers and students. That’s why, we are happy to announce another recent addition to United States Masterfile: Founders Online. A joint project between the National Archives National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) and the University of Virginia Press, Founders Online is a database of the writings and... Read All
The entire online publication run of the Federal Register, the official periodical of the United States federal government, is now available to search by U.S. Documents Masterfile users. A publication of the National Archives and Records Administration, the Federal Register has been published online since 1994. U.S. Documents Masterfile contains the full set of online issues of the Register, a corpus of nearly 900,000 records—all with full text online. Within this resource, researchers... Read All
Paratext is happy to announce another recent addition to U.S. Documents Masterfile: the Bibliographic Metadata of the Foreign Relations of the United States Series. A publication of the U.S. Department of State Office of the Historian, the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series is the official record of U.S. foreign policy going back to 1861. Originally contained in 500 physical volumes, the digital version available through U.S. Documents Masterfile links to... Read All

USM™ – The Federal Widget

The Federal Widget

The Federal Widget allows you to provide patrons with easy access to United States Masterfile via a single search box placed anywhere within your site - or even in your LibGuides.

It links effortlessly to our database, and launches our proprietary interface.

Example LibGuide Descriptions

University of Kentucky

“Single search for indexes and records for nearly 250 years of U.S. Federal government information. Includes The Annals of Congress, Register of Debates and Congressional Globe. Includes links to the full text at the Library of Congress’ American Memory.”

Georgetown University

“United States Masterfile is an electronic bibliographic guide to federal, state, local and international public documents, spanning over 200 years of publication, in a single searchable database.

Includes: * Post-1976 GPO Documents * GPO Monthly Catalog Indexes 1900-1976 * GPO Documents 1789-1976 with SuDocs Numbers * Pre-1900 United States Documents * International Documents (e.g., World Bank Records) * US Department of Energy * ERIC files…”



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